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From planting a new tree to removing that old diseased tree, our arborists are certified to help you make the right decisions for the health of your trees.


Our friendly and professional staff is knowledgeable with native trees and plants so they are equipped to

help you.

Expert tree care

Call today to schedule an appointment for your FREE estimate for landscaping and tree care!



If you want to create a unique xeriscape for your backyard or to install irrigation system for your business, we can help you.


At R.O. Landscape & Tree Service, LLC, we only provide quality products and services to our customers

and clients.

Customized landscapes

Accent your home, garden, office, or yard with unique hand-made metal sculptures and handmade mesquite table tops made locally by a Tucson Pioneer Artisan.

Every piece is one of a kind and utilizes hand-forged steel along with native cacti skeletons as well as native tree and plant roots.

At R.O. Landscape & Tree Service, LLC, all of our pruning is done in accordance with Internal Society of Arboriculture (ISA) standards as well as ANSI Z133 safety standards.


ROC #197652-K21

Providing expert tree services in the Tucson, AZ area since 1987

Trees benefit your home and community, increasing property values, saving energy cost, improving air quality and storm water retention are just a few reasons to care for your trees professionally. As a well-established team of Certified Arborist and tree care professionals we are ideally placed for all your tree management needs.


Commercial and Residential Tree Services

From large hazard tree removal services to tree pruning and commercial tree services, our team has the technical knowledge and experience in innovative and advanced technology of the tree care industry. IF you need tree care from a friendly, professional team, we’re here to help. Our goal is to ensure that healthy trees are given the care they need to thrive, at the same time as treating poorly-managed trees appropriately and removing the ones that are unsafe or no longer viable. If you’re looking for a tree care expert that can really make a difference call us at 520-320-3697.

RO tree wrap trucks (24)


Trust in the local company that has been serving the tree care needs of businesses and homes in the Tucson area for the past 30 years.

Ro tree cutting jpg 20170525_113234 RO metal work and mesquite tables

Metal artwork &

Mesquite tables




Give the office a call for details on how to apply!